Linekillaz Compz™ Your Badass Scale Rock Crawler Competition

Linekillaz Compz™ - Your Badass Scale Rock Crawler Competition

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Choose the class that suit your driving experience and your rig building style or enter more classes!

Stock RTR

Stock RTR class was created for those who want to test themselves and their stock RTR in competition conditions. A great opportunity to get a taste of the competitive rock crawler experience without tons of upgrades.

Stock Modified

Stock Modified is a class between the world of stock RTRs and pro custom-built performance-driven scale rock crawler rigs. The possibility of potential rock crawling combined with some limitations in building.

Pro Modified

Pro Modified class gives you the opportunity of a 100% performance-driven scale rock crawler experience. Enter the world of custom-built high-performance LCG crawlers, where each gram and millimeter counts!

What’s this?

Linekillaz Compz ™ is a scale rock crawler competition franchise founded by IRCCF® (International Radio Controlled Rock Crawler Competitors Federation).

Linekillaz Compz ™ aims to provide a simple and unified, easy-to-enter global scale scale rock crawler competition opportunity where rookie, advanced and professional drivers and their rigs can find their way of rock crawling.

With the Linekillaz Compz ™ Competition Franchise IRCCF® supports the members of the scale rock crawler community to become well-trained and experienced to participate in competition formats based on complex rulesets such as the SORRCA, WRCCA Performance Scale or ISRCC ™.